Be a Winner

Design is no longer enough – effective design is what matters.

Judged by business leaders and entered jointly by client and designer, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are both rigorous and authoritative. They celebrate the power of design to drive business success and provide compelling proof of why design is a sound commercial investment.

As a design agency, a win in the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards will categorically prove your credentials as a business partner who can deliver commercially effective work. Alongside your creative credentials, you will differentiate yourselves as an agency that clients can trust to understand and align with their business objectives. You will join an elite group of businesses whose experience and expertise is demonstrated through their unique approach to solving complex business issues through effective design.

By using commercial, behavioural, societal and broader data to measure the effectiveness of design, these awards champion the role of design in business and play a critical role in proving to business leaders and government that design is an investment, not a cost.

As a design or marketing leader responsible for commissioning and managing effective design, there is no better way to independently prove the commercial success of your work, demonstrating a worthwhile investment. A win will help champion the case for design within your business, provide a solid case for protecting and increasing your budget and help provide the evidence you need to start making design part of the conversation in the boardroom.

“The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards objectively demonstrate Mars Design team’s value back to the business and give the team time to reflect and celebrate their successes. On top of this, we’re able to continue attracting top talent from the industry.” Bruce Hannant, Global Head of Design, Mars Chocolate

"The most important way of communicating the value of design and what we do as designers is by measuring its true business effectiveness. The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards showcase the substantial returns that investment in our design can bring for our clients." Natalie Chung, Creative Director, Pearlfisher