Be a Winner

Design is no longer enough – effective design is what matters.

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards celebrate design’s ability to profoundly influence the success of businesses, brands, products, places and services: any design can be entered as long as design made a clear contribution to the success of a business or initiative and the results of this can be measured and proven.

As the global leader on design effectiveness, we know that design delivers competitive advantage: it can enable smarter systems and processes, enhance customer service, drive job creation, deliver efficiencies, improve profitability and much more. There are no barriers to the ways in which you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your design and the distinctive entry and judging process in these awards – which sees submissions judged on their own merits rather than pitted against others – enables entrants to evidence the impact of their work in wide ranging ways unique to the nuances and objectives of that particular design.

Steps for entry

01. Download the 2020 entry pack here. There are no significant changes this year but do ensure you read the entry pack in full to help you identify potential projects to enter and involve all relevant stakeholders from the outset as you will need their co-operation. Each entry must be signed off as a true and accurate version of the events and circumstances that surround the design by the entrant’s principal / managing director or equivalent, and by an appropriate senior executive of the other party. 

02. Allow time to research, compile and evaluate data for your entry prior to writing.

03. Generally, entries need to include at least six months worth of post-launch data. Twelve weeks worth of data, for example, wouldn’t suffice as invariably there would be a honeymoon period in the first twelve weeks.

04. As well as more recent work, projects that demonstrate the impact of design over many years are also contenders. The project may have been launched at any time; you just need to ensure that you include some up-to-date evidence collated after 1 January 2018.

05. Carefully follow the instructions in the Entry Pack, paying close attention to the required entry guidance (pages 09-13), the required entry format (page 14) and rules of entry (page 15-16). Be aware that there have been some changes to the entry requirements in recent years, so please re-familiarise yourself with all the instructions in this document before beginning your entry.

06. Begin your entry and submit online by the deadline.

Dates to note for the 2019/20 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

Friday 25 October 2019
Entry deadline: Submit your entry online at by 5pm GMT, Friday 25 October 2019. This deadline will not be extended. 

December 2019 to February 2020
DBA Design Effectiveness Awards judging.

February 2020
Shortlist announced - DBA will contact all entrants with news.

Tuesday 12 May 2020
DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2020 Ceremony and Dinner.

And our awards schedule is changing, so here are the dates for 2020/21.

Friday 31 July 2020
Entry deadline

September - November 2020
DBA Design Effectiveness Awards judging

October 2020
Shortlist announced 

February 2021
DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2021 Ceremony and Dinner.

“With over 2 million now sold, the Official Raspberry Pi Case has been more successful than we dared hope.  Its affordable beauty embodies the brand, its flexible functionality helps us reach more users, and its commercial success provides a valuable financial contribution to the ongoing work and mission of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  We were delighted to receive a Design Effectiveness Gold Award as robust third party vindication of our decision to invest in design.”
Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Engineering, Raspberry Pi

“The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards objectively demonstrate Mars Design team’s value back to the business and give the team time to reflect and celebrate their successes. On top of this, we’re able to continue attracting top talent from the industry.”
Bruce Hannant, Global Head of Design, Mars Chocolate

"The most important way of communicating the value of design and what we do as designers is by measuring its true business effectiveness. The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards showcase the substantial returns that investment in our design can bring for our clients."
Natalie Chung, Creative Director, Pearlfisher