Winners 2013/Brand Identity Silver

Project: Balance Accountants Re-brand

Client: Balance Accountants

Design: The Engine Room

Balance Accountants, formerly Rogers and Co, really believed they were different and wanted to reflect this in a new brand to attract like-minded clients. After engaging with the Design Council’s ‘Designing Demand’ programme, The Engine Room were selected to work on the brand development project. The objectives were to deliver visual impact, return on investment and high growth turnover in the next three years.

The Engine Room spent five months getting to know the business and everyone in it. By the end of the project, the entire brand had been visually transformed, with a new name and yellow colour scheme. Most significant was the rebrand of three existing services into easily understood products that employees felt comfortable selling.

Balance Accountants achieved £50,000 of new business compared to £0 the year before, and turnover generated by new clients increased from £14,500 to £71,000 year on year. Time recoverability also increased, by 8% to 105%, putting them in the top 5% of practices in the UK.