Winners 2013/Brand Identity Bronze

Project: Experiencia Gourmet Corporate Identity

Client: El Puerto de Liverpool

Design: Lewis Moberly

Experiencia Gourmet is a new gourmet food hall brand within Mexico’s largest department store chain, El Puerto de Liverpool. Lewis Moberly (LM) was asked to create the most exciting, innovative and successful branded gourmet food hall in Mexico. The project called for the creation of positioning, brand story, naming and graphic brand identity to attract younger consumers and be accessible to the emergent middle class. 

LM created a premium yet accessible brand identity using an intriguing mix of playful creatures and icons, primarily in black and white, to stand out against the vibrancy and colour of the food hall. These were applied to carrier bags, signage, display plates, take away packaging, menus, staff uniforms and delivery vans. 

The brand now accounts for a daily 14-35% of total store sales, compared to a target of 10% that many Liverpool directors considered optimistic and a meagre 2% achieved by previous Liverpool gourmet food halls.