Winners 2013/Digital Gold

Project: Cruising for Excellence Online

Client: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Design: Front Page

Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) Ltd wanted to ensure that assignment of £500,000 to personnel training would produce a return on investment (ROI) in terms of sales, as well as enhanced brand equity and reduced marketing costs. The training solution also needed to appeal to UK agents and increase uptake, replacing a system that paid agents less per hour than the minimum wage.

Front Page conceived, designed and built a bespoke e-training platform, comprising short training modules that created ‘real life’ 3D training environments in actual ship locations. For the first time agents were able to ‘walk around’ a ship as if on board.

RCL trebled its registered trainees in only eight months, delivered 92,000 hours of training at an average hourly cost of £5.39, and UK agent take-up exceeded the target by a factor of ten. ROI in year one was more than 2:1, but with a potential lifespan of five years, the return could be dramatically more.