Winners 2013/Internal Communications Bronze

Project: Creating one Telefónica Family

Client: Telefónica

Design: Lambie-Nairn & SomeOne

Following their acquisition of O2, Telefónica challenged Lambie-Nairn and SomeOne to bring together 22,000 employees from five countries to create a single culture in which all were proud to be employed by Telefonica. Many of them saw Telefonica as a silent owner rather than their employee brand with which they could engage.

To encourage them to embrace Telefónica as their employer, Lambie-Nairn and SomeOne developed a unifying idea – the imparting and sharing of knowledge. They created a 10-day teaser campaign to generate awareness, ‘pass it on’ managers’ briefing pack, a ‘sharers’ briefing pack and dedicated brand induction sessions. 

The four-part programme was a huge success. It helped to create a 50% increase in the number of employees citing Telefónica as their employer and a 41% decrease in the number who believed O2 was their employer.  77% of employees said that they are now proud to work for Telefónica.