Winners 2013/Print Design Bronze

Project: Smart meters

Client: E.ON

Design: Michon

The Government is urging energy companies to install smart meters nationwide over the next 10 years, a new technology to help consumers track their energy usage. E.ON wanted to trial the meters, to get a head start and ensure a successful roll-out to their customers at the relevant time ā€“ but they needed testers to evaluate and provide feedback.

Michon created an engaging direct mail (DM) campaign, prompting customers to genuinely want the new smart meter and recognise it as a valuable addition to their homes. The clear and highly readable message answered readersā€™ questions and concerns without jargon or confusing explanations.

37,000 customers received the mailing, and the impact was significant: the DM achieved a 24% response rate and a staggering 80% conversion rate. Following the campaign, E.ON opened a second centre of excellence to meet demand, as smart meter enquiries surged by 300%.