Winners 2016/Beverages Silver

Project: The Finest Tea Collection

Client: Newby

Design: Lewis Moberly

Newby Teas had high quality, award-winning products, but their packaging failed to reflect this. Aiming to gain distribution and sales in Waitrose, in addition to establishing Newby Teas as a brand leader in the premium tea market, a redesign was undertaken.

With a new range name, ‘The Finest Tea Collection’ and by linking it to ‘The Chitra Collection’ in a beautiful new pack design, it has elevated the brand. Since the redesign, the range is now stocked in 284 Waitrose stores and is served in many of the world's most prestigious hotels. Online sales have shot up, increasing nearly threefold via Newby's website.  In only two months, the redesigned range achieved record-breaking sales, in comparison to the previous design beating 12 months worth of sales by over 20%. Importantly the pack’s premium appearance supports its premium price at 46p per cup/pyramid compared to the nearest competitor's price, which averages between 22p and 30p.