Winners 2016/Beverages Silver

Project: Johnnie Walker Global Gifting

Client: Diageo

Design: Design Bridge

Johnnie Walker identified an opportunity to achieve scale in gifting with a global initiative for a value added pack. By carefully selecting artists to collaborate with, a powerful design bringing to life the brand’s ‘Striding Man’ was created.  Crucially, the gift packaging has been successfully embraced by culturally diverse markets for key gifting periods around the world such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.
The first collaboration in 2013 with photographer Marcel Christ saw a massive increase in unit volume globally and the following two collaborations with artists have also achieved incredibly strong growth; for every pack sold in 2012, nine were sold in 2013. From a base of 45 markets engaged in the global campaign in 2012, there are now a total of 95 markets. Cost efficiencies have also been achieved and with the 2015 edition, design budget cost 34% less than the previous year.