Winners 2016/Beverages Gold

Project: Miller Lite

Client: MillerCoors

Design: Turner Duckworth

After Miller Lite, had lost 30% of sales in the last two decades, and was suffering from a serious 5% year on year sales decline the brand was in need of reinvigoration. The design idea was based on returning to Miller Lite’s roots and interpreting its 1970’s can design in a modern way by introducing new elements, to build a brand for the 21st century which featured across all media.

After launch, sales decline was halted and the level of turnaround exceeded expectations with 2014 Q4 being its first quarter growth (+1.4%) in seven years. 30% of growth came from drinkers of other beers and alcoholic drinks, showing an increase in overall brand penetration.  The sales growth was accompanied by a reduction of 7% in marketing spend versus 2013, equating to a $30million increase in brand profitability in 2014. Consumer perceptions of the brand have also improved significantly with key measures tied closely to sales impact up 7pts.