Winners 2016/Charity Bronze

Project: Key4Life Rebrand

Client: Key4Life

Design: Lambie-Nairn

Charity Key4Life, was failing to attract funding to run their programme which aimed to reduce recidivism amongst young offenders, as well struggling to find work placements for these young men. As charitable donations tend to come from people who can relate personally to the cause, this made driving donations challenging for Key4Life. By rebranding the charity, as well as their fundraiser event, the results have been far ranging.

The new identity builds empathy, and since launch has raised a total of £150,000. The identity has opened doors with boys having gained work placements across a range of employers including Big Chill London, Shine PR and more. The young men on the current programme have successfully completed their ‘Work Tasters’ placements and have not committed further crimes.  Enough funding has been raised to enable the charity to set up a new programme working with eight young men who are at risk of being sent to prison.