Winners 2016/Construction & Materials Silver

Project: Purcell

Client: Purcell

Design: Kimpton Creative

Established architectural practice Purcell Miller Triton, well known in the field of conservation architecture, needed to change perceptions of the business as old-fashioned requiring a new, confident brand with which they could better showcase their expertise in other fields of architecture to ultimately win bigger projects.

Within two years of rebranding, the business saw turnover increase by over £3million – a huge 29.5% increase. With a new, modern sounding name - Purcell and a logo that had a contemporary yet classic feel, the practice was able to open six new offices including one in India and grow staff by numbers by 43% despite the recession. Confidence within the business has grown and perception of the practice has changed, enabling Purcell to secure significantly bigger projects.  This has allowed them to work on 23% fewer projects and enter into 43% fewer bids, despite the business has continuing to grow.