Winners 2016/Fixed Line Telecommunications Gold

Project: Voice of Our Brand

Client: Virgin Media

Design: Engine Service Design

Against a complex operational backdrop and in a highly competitive market, Virgin Media required an innovative solution to deliver a consistent, excellent and distinctly on-brand  customer experience to provide competitive advantage and retain customers. Using a service design approach, behavioural frameworks were created for each Virgin Media channel and the ‘Voice of Our Brand’ programme was developed.

By successfully engaging people through the programme, Virgin Media achieved high quality service, much improved customer experience and better staff 10,000 customer facing staff have been trained and equipped with ‘Voice of Our Brand’ toolkits and as a result positive comments relating to their behaviour have doubled, whilst negative comments have halved. A significant annual financial benefit from reduction in churn was attributable to changes in frontline colleague behaviour. Providing further evidence of the programme's impact, positive responses to the statement 'Virgin Media provides good customer service' was triple that of any other Virgin Media Brand metrics.