Winners 2016/Food & Drug Retailers Gold

Project: Pasty Presto Rebrand

Client: Pasty Presto

Design: Absolute

Operating in a market, which was under increasing pressure with the introduction of the 'pasty tax', Pasty Presto was facing closure due to a drop in turnover, with many of its 30 stores making a loss. Comprehensively rethinking the brand has delivered instant and impressive commercial impact – the Barnstable shop was pencilled for closure, but went from a £10,000 loss per annum to profit in three months and has continued profitability since then. In the first month, the three trial stores increased sales by 30% against the previous year's figures.

In all, 60 jobs were saved in the six shops at the most immediate risk of closure and staff morale has been boosted. In less than a year, Pasty Presto has added over £1million to turnover and pasty sales were up 5% across the business in 2014, bucking the sector's downward trend. Pasty Presto plans to open a further eight stores off the back of its success.