Winners 2016/Industrial Transportation Silver

Project: Collect+ Brand Strategy & Identity

Client: Collect+

Design: 400 Communications

Providing a dynamic alternative to out-of-date delivery models, Collect+ offers a simple and convenient way for people to send and receive parcels. With the aim of targeting additional growth and to stand out in a dull and commoditised sector, the business decided to evolve its brand.

By redefining its entire brand experience, the company has moved into profitability for the first time and is handling hugely increased volumes of parcels, at levels significantly higher than the industry average. Collect+ has been able to expand its store network by 20% and the sales personnel are now able to communicate in a more consistent, cohesive, confident manner.  This has enabled them to win more high profile customers and contracts, expanding the business’s client base with retail brands such as John Lewis, Very and M&S. Customer satisfaction levels and Net Promoter Scores are up significantly and engagement has improved with the company's Twitter followers increasing 650% between November 2012 and 2015.