Winners 2016/Leisure Goods Bronze

Project: A Step Forward for a Plimsoll Brand

Client: POP Village

Design: Elmwood

A new footwear brand aimed at young festival goers, required brand and packaging which would capture the playful nature of their product; encouraging purchase without the need for further marketing investment.

POP Village’s new bold and distinctive logo captures the spirit of youthful optimism and the playful packaging format attracts attention. On the back of the branding and packaging alone, POP Village managed to secure a pop-up retail space in Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping Centre and wholesale distribution to over 20 independent retailers in the UK, Ireland and South Korea. POP was able to sell all of its stock in half the anticipated time and sell double the amount of shoes forecasted in the first six months; 3,235 pairs against their original target of 1,500 pairs. They were also able to launch equally successful sub brands for children a year ahead of schedule, with 437 pairs of shoes sold in the first nine days.