Winners 2016/Personal Goods Silver

Project: Soft & Gentle

Client: Godrej UK

Design: Ergo

Having lapsed into long-term, steady decline and feeling increasingly dated, deodorant Soft & Gentle was repositioned and revitalised in 2013, soon after new owners Godrej acquired it. The results of the reinvigorated identity and impactful new packaging have been wide ranging.

17% annual sales decline has turned into 18% growth in just six months, especially impressive set against a highly competitive market. This amounts to a sales growth value of £9.3m. The brand ended the 12 months post re-launch up 6% year-on-year, exceeding its target of a 5% increase in invoiced sales. Post re-launch shopper numbers increased for the first time in three years and there was massive growth in consumer penetration. The brand has considerably increased its appeal to younger consumers and spontaneous brand awareness has increased from 8% to 10% for Soft & Gentle which is a substantial improvement considering brand awareness had been almost previously invisible.