Winners 2016/Public Sector Gold

Project: GREAT Britain Campaign

Client: HM Government

Design: Radley Yeldar

The Government’s most ambitious international marketing campaign ever to stimulate jobs and growth in Britain, required the development and expression of a single unified, global brand to align stakeholders from 17 Government departments, and 350+ private and public partnerships across 144 global markets.

A high-quality, admired brand was developed with a flexible, easy-to-use and recognisable brand framework, which enables communication of the UK’s key attributes across dozens of different channels. A hugely complex exercise in managing brand consistency, delivered outstanding results. The campaign has so far delivered £1.2billion direct return to the economy and there has been a16% uplift in intention to both invest in and visit the UK. Intention to procure UK products and services is up 12% and brand value has risen to 58%, well above the objective, putting the UK at No. 4 in the worldwide Nation Brand Index.