Winners 2016/Travel & Leisure Bronze

Project: The Winning SHOUT!

Client: The National Bingo Game Association

Design: The Workroom

After a series of economic bombshells including the smoking ban, taxation and the financial crash, the bingo industry was reeling and struggling with an average market sales decline of 5% between 2007 and 2013. On average, a bingo club was closing each month in the UK. The National Bingo Game Association decided to reinvigorate the profile of the game with a new proposition and dynamic integrated campaign.

Following the campaign’s launch which focused on the thrill of winning the game, all objectives were resoundingly surpassed within three months, with a 25% increase in the number of clubs selling the National Bingo Game (NBG). Exceeding growth targets by 8%, NBG is now sold at 83% of all UK bingo clubs (excluding Gala) and there has also been 8.4% real terms sales growth, which is a complete turnaround against the -5% market average. What’s more, traffic from operator/club sites to the NBG website is up 90%.