Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: McVitie's Moments

Client: McVitie's Cake Company

Design: Springetts

The world of cakes has been changing. The traditional category is ageing and shifting trends towards indulgence have seen modern consumers look to ‘reward’ themselves in ‘treatier’, more multi-dimensional ways. To help revive the cake category and recruit younger consumers to the brand, McVitie’s would be producing a new range of cake products and needed a sub-brand identity and pack design for its new indulgent offering.

Inspired by coffee shop culture, the distinctive, glossy black design and delicious ingredient photography deliver a premium offering, enabling the new range named ‘McVitie’s Moments’ to command an elevated price point. Its distinctive, contemporary design has resonated with younger consumers, recruiting them to the category and delivering incremental growth for the brand.

McVitie’s Moments has modernised the mainstream cake fixture. Sales are up and are projected to grow further in year one. Distribution and penetration were also increased in the first 12 weeks, surpassing McVitie’s expectations with no above the line support. The success of Moments has also seen new formats and brand flavours added.