Winners 2019/ Gold

Project: Cruga Biltong

Client: Meatsnacks Group

Design: Pearlfisher

Facing growing competitor pressure, the UK’s leading biltong and jerky producer needed a visual overhaul of its fragmented brand portfolio to deliver cohesion and meet the needs of contemporary consumers.

A comprehensive exploration of the category and the future landscape of food informed a powerful brand architecture strategy for The Meatsnacks Group to unite its portfolio.

The Group’s brands were mapped on a spectrum from ‘authentic’ to ‘adventurous’ and Cruga Biltong, the most authentic brand in its portfolio, was selected first for rebrand. The objectives were to dominate competitors, grow market share by 10% and increase value and volume sales by 60%.

Cruga’s new ‘Authentically African’ positioning and design, which captures the artisanal, expert process of making biltong, have injected contemporary energy into the brand and solidified its premium position.

Leaping from number three to number one biltong in the UK, Cruga is almost single-handedly driving category growth. Market share jumped from 18% to 40% in the first 28 weeks after launch, while competitors lost share. And with value and volume sales up 161% and 173% respectively, all original targets have been smashed.