Winners 2019/ Gold

Project: Loterie Romande Platform Redesign

Client: Loterie Romande

Design: Else

Established in 1937, Loterie Romande is the lottery provider for the six French-speaking Swiss Cantons. Its existing online offer was outdated and a redesign of the eGaming platform was instigated in 2016 to deliver more players, registrations and repeat usage.

The start point for the redesign was to explore what a lottery stands for; to evoke Loterie Romande’s social responsibility and balance this with an engaging and elegant digital design aesthetic to suit the Swiss French market.

The redesign, which was undertaken in partnership with a lottery technology provider, launched in 2017 and has exceeded all targets, growing funds available to distribute to good causes. With new ways to browse multi-events, simple navigation structures and a design system that was perfect for mobile use, a far more entertaining and sophisticated experience has been created for players.

Following the redesign, the platform achieved a +250% increase in registrations and player volume doubled. This delivered a +25% growth in sales, whilst 75% of users are finding it easier to buy SwissLoto tickets on a mobile device.