Winners 2019/ Gold

Project: Quorn Redesign

Client: Quorn Foods

Design: Bulletproof

Quorn has long been the market leader within the UK meat free category, but despite changing eating habits amongst the population, the brand wasn’t reaping the rewards of a surge in those following vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diets. Perceived as dated, Quorn was being held back.

A new look, launched in 2017, has broadened Quorn’s appeal and consumer perceptions have increased significantly across all positive measures since the redesign. The contemporary new brand identity and packaging system uses sumptuous editorial style photography with a subliminal ‘Q’ formed in all shots, and the range can be spotted at a glance in the busy frozen and chilled supermarket aisles. 

The brand has grown by £52.5 million since the redesign. Sales growth is up +14% and an additional 2 million customers have tried Quorn for the first time. The increased demand has led to the company hiring 100 new employees and investing £150 million in new production capacity.

Quorn UK’s new look has been so successful, it’s been adopted globally into all 18 of the brand’s markets and has helped launch the brand into Asia.