Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Clover

Client: Dairy Crest

Design: BrandOpus

Clover launched in 1983 as a low-fat alternative to butter, but in 2015 the brand was suffering. Consumers were moving away from spreads and back to butter, as attitudes were changing. Clover’s penetration had dropped from 30.6% to 25.8%, equating to a loss of over one million households.

In order to maintain profit delivery, a full brand redesign was undertaken. Clover moved from generic artificial, processed spread cues towards the world of butter, playing up its butter credentials with the ‘simply made with buttermilk’ tagline. Evoking the simplicity of nature, the new design elevates the brand’s natural credibility and creates impactful shelf standout in an impulse driven category.

Consumers have reassessed Clover following its redesign, with research showing butter buyers were almost twice as likely to consider purchasing the new pack. 12 months after launch penetration was up from 25.7% to 26.8% and after 16 months brand value had grown 4.8% year-on-year making Clover the highest performing spread in the market.

In a challenging spreads market which fell by 11.8%, Clover was the only brand winning new shoppers, gaining 75,000 new users.