Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Gloucester Rugby Rebrand

Client: Gloucester Rugby

Design: Brond

The sporting landscape is going through a period of change and rugby, like many sports, is facing challenges with an aging core fan base. Gloucester Rugby has a rich heritage and loyal fans, but it needed to attract a younger audience.

Rolled out in 2018, a rebrand has been intrinsic to future-proofing the club. A dynamic, new identity meets the needs of the club in a digital world, whilst retaining Gloucester Rugby’s heritage. By developing ‘BRAVE’ brand values – Belong, Resilience, Accountable, Visionary, Excellence – the club can express the principles that define it, to engage stakeholders and shape culture.   

The brand development work has had an extremely positive effect, with the club acquiring younger supporters. Membership numbers are up +18% year-on-year and retention has moved from 88% to 92%, against an industry average of 86%. The club’s new approach to content and use of imagery – as defined by the new brand guidelines – have engaged fans on social media and TV. Social media referrals are up 40% on the year prior to rebrand, whilst the TV audience has jumped over 20%.