Winners 2020/ Silver

Project: ALKIMI Brand Creation

Client: Challs

Design: Bulletproof

Entering a tough and shrinking category, a new cleaning innovation won over consumers with a brand and pack design that credibly communicate the product’s efficacy and environmental credentials. The range achieved £600,000 worth of sales in its first 18 months and has been exported to ten countries outside of the UK.

The challenge for Challs and Bulletproof was to create a brand positioning, name and brand world to persuade consumers that the new range was both eco-friendly and effective.

The brand name ALKIMI, brand symbol and bottle design and structure all reflect the science behind the product’s cleaning power as well as its synthesis with nature and provide excellent shelf standout. Incorporating a suite of symbols and surges of colour, the sophisticated design makes range navigation easy, while the pack’s bottle, trigger and sleeve are 100% recyclable.

With its aspirational brand design, ALKIMI secured listings in Ocado, Sainsburys, Booths and on Amazon in its first year, as well as in 3000 independent stores. Its success led to the creation of new jobs at the business, including five roles focused on new product development for the brand. 78% of consumers view ALKIMI as a premium product, and it’s been able to command £2.99 per bottle – the same price point as Method.