Winners 2020/ Silver

Project: Your Space

Client: Barnsley Premier Leisure

Design: WPA Pinfold

Barnsley Premier Leisure’s (BPL) fitness proposition ‘Fitness Flex’, lacked a unique positioning and had been struggling to compete in a crowded middle-market under pressure from budget and boutique gyms and out-of-gym exercise experiences. By placing members at the heart of a rebrand, member usage leapt to 85% against a target of 50% and the Net Promoter Score jumped from 58% to 82%. 

To retain and grow membership BPL and WPA Pinfold completely rebuilt the existing brand. The strategic idea behind new brand ‘Your Space’ – to be good for members’ health and local communities – was borne out of insight into the inclusive and not-for-profit nature of the operation. The brand’s positioning, name and visual articulation across all elements of the brand world from identity to signage, interiors to digital marketing, communicate and reflect these USPs to differentiate it in the marketplace. 

The fitness facilities were reinvigorated following the rebrand in January 2019. Attracting and retaining members, attrition rates of 3.2% were achieved compared to an industry standard of 5.5% and membership sales rose 100% on the previous year. Importantly, internal buy-in was also achieved, with staff retention increasing from 65% to 100% and brand roll-out has been continued beyond the initial four sites, across the estate.