Winners 2021/ Silver

Project: Skips

Client: KP Snacks

Design: This Way Up

Affirming the brand as a healthier snacking choice, Skips’ redesign brought it to the attention of a new adult audience. In the two years after relaunch, sales leapt 39.6% compared to 7.7% across the bagged snacks category.

To avoid drifting into nostalgic obscurity, family favourite Skips was keen to leverage its low-calorie credentials. KP Snack’s aim was to attract mums seeking a healthier choice for their kids, whilst also introducing Skips to a generation of younger female consumers, aged 16 to 35.

Creating single, multi-pack and back of pack designs for all SKUs as well a new brand identity, This Way Up built on existing assets to retain Skips’ fun nature.

The product’s shape, flavour and texture are dramatised on pack with a clear visual of Skips ‘floating’ on the main front face. By communicating taste and flavour, balanced with a highly visible health message, the design has re-calibrated Skips’ consumer base attracting a new adult audience and future proofing the brand.

Targeting 10% growth within two years, Skips’ sales increased 19.3% in 2019 post redesign, and rose a further 17% in its second year. A 7% jump in distribution was achieved, along with penetration gains of 5.6% amongst families, up from 26% to 31.6%.