Winners 2022/ Gold

Project: Oxford Brewery Rebrand

Client: Oxford Brewery

Design: WPA Pinfold

Increasing sales 300% against pre-COVID levels, a revolutionary repositioning and striking new brand image saved Oxford Brewery following the worst period for hospitality in living memory.

Shotover Brewery was a little-known microbrewer in Oxford. Its beers were excellent, but sales were declining, and its new owners needed to act to widen market appeal and reinvigorate sales. 

Working with WPA Pinfold, a strategic brand plan aligned with the business strategy revealed opportunity to move to the high-end of the market and a transformational rebrand was undertaken. Building on Oxford’s rich reputation, the new positioning, name, slogan and design’s quirkiness appeal to a new generation of craft drinkers, while magnifying the brewery’s provenance has engaged more traditional drinkers and beer aficionados.

Comprehensively activated across on-trade, off-trade and online, the confident design with its illustrated stories and contemporary twist, elevated and premiumised the brand. As a result, and despite the pandemic delaying its 2020 relaunch, the newly named Oxford Brewery was able to raise its prices following the design’s roll out in 2021. 

Differentiated in a saturated market, the brewery substantially increased sales and web traffic, expanded distribution channels, grew its on-trade, off-trade and online presence, and moved the brand to the high-end, delivering a halo effect across its ranges. With no discounting or advertising or PR support, Oxford Brewery exceeded all expectations, growing gross profit margins and securing its future survival.