Winners 2022/ Silver

Project: Horlicks

Client: Aimia Foods

Design: Brandon

Driving brand reappraisal, a new design changed consumer perceptions of Horlicks and attracted 46% more younger buyers than target.  

With a consumer base firmly in the over 65s age group, Horlicks’ sales had been falling due to penetration and buyer decline. To ensure the brand’s long-term survival and to cement its category lead, the malted drink’s new owner Aimia Foods wanted to attract younger buyers to Horlicks.  

Addressing consumer misconceptions of Horlicks being a ‘bedtime drink for your nan’, a new positioning, identity and packaging design were developed by Brandon. Tapping into consumers’ desire for a moment of calm, the design encourages people to slow down regardless of the time of day, or their time of life. 

Transitioning from functional to emotional benefits increased the brand’s relevance with a broader audience. And amongst existing buyers, perceptions of Horlicks not just being a bedtime drink increased +22ppts.

Reflecting a daydream like moment in a mug, the design delivers strong shelf-standout and within a year of the design’s October 2019 launch, Horlicks smashed its 100,000 younger buyers recruitment target. In fact, it attracted 146,000 consumers aged under 65, with 48,000 of these aged under 44. 

Following a -1% sales decline in 2019, Horlicks’ volume sales increased +14.7% in 2020 and value sales climbed +16.7%, adding an extra £3.1million to the brand. Outperforming the category, in the year up to July 2021 Horlicks achieved penetration growth of +9.6%.