Winners 2022/ Silver

Project: #ItStillMatters Campaign

Client: Ministry of Justice

Design: Design102

Consisting of twenty short videos, social media assets and podcast adverts, the #ItStillMatters Campaign inspired action, empowering survivors of sexual violence to seek support. 

In 2020, £40million was pledged by the Prime Minister and the Lord Chancellor towards specialist support services for victims of sexual abuse. The Ministry of Justice and Design102 needed to deliver a campaign which would reach survivors and encourage them to seek out these services. 

Sensitive to the triggering nature of the topic, victims’ insights and feedback on creative concepts were gathered to help define the audience, messaging, channels and assets for the campaign. The design solution was both empathetic and impactful, communicating to survivors that no matter when the sexual abuse happened, it’s not too late to get help. 

By focusing on place rather than people, and evoking different eras through its imagery, the #ItStillMatters Campaign resonated with victims across wide-ranging backgrounds and ages to deliver real-life impact. 

Amongst victims of sexual violence who saw the campaign, awareness was raised of the support available to them and of their rights. It also raised awareness of the support services among survivors’ friends and families. 

Exceeding all of its audience awareness objectives, the campaign also overcame barriers which can prevent survivors reaching out. It encouraged more victims to take first steps in seeking help, driving 50% of traffic to the campaign website, with 21% of website users clicking through to the support services.