Winners 2023/ Bronze

Project: Retail Trust purpose and brand identity

Client: Retail Trust

Design: Baggi

The Retail Trust’s reinvigorated purpose and identity has helped it reach and engage tens of thousands of new retail colleagues.  

The Trust supports people working in retail, which is one of the unhappiest workforces. The industry is facing a mental health crisis having been especially impacted by the pandemic and soaring cost-of-living, and the charity wanted to broaden its reach and increase engagement with the wellbeing and financial support services it offers. A key ambition for the Trust’s rebrand was to deliver a 15% increase to the social return on investment it provides for the retail sector and its community.  

Launched in May 2021, the Trust’s new purpose, positioning and identity by Baggi draw inspiration from the charity’s past, while making it relevant for the future. Acting as a rallying cry and showcasing the diversity of people within retail, the rebrand has helped deliver a significant jump in engagement – the charity’s 24-hour helpline saw a 10% rise in calls and 48% more colleagues attended its wellbeing and mental health courses. The Trust has grown the number and value of its retail clients and attracted backing from 100+ businesses and influencers. 

The flexible brand has revitalised the Trust’s website and socials, and provided opportunity to engage colleagues in new ways, including a wellbeing festival. A return on social investment of £15.63 for every £1 spent was achieved and £129.2million in social value was delivered in 2021-22, up 31% on 2020-21.