Winners 2023/ Gold

Project: Eichhof Beer redesign

Client: Eichhof

Design: Pearlfisher

Eichhof is a much-loved, 188-year-old Swiss beer, but over the years its brand design had become inconsistent across the range and looked like it was stuck in the past. With a huge array of competitive beers on offer, a complete pack redesign of Eichhof’s 13-strong portfolio and new identity were undertaken aiming to reverse the brand’s volume and market share decline.  

The design team from Pearlfisher discovered a wooden table on a visit to the Eichhof brewery. Featuring historical engravings of brewery traditions, it was a section set aside for future additions which inspired the core design idea ‘New Traditions’. Balancing traditional and modern cues and supporting the idea of craftsmanship, the new design attracts drinkers to the quality, heritage and taste experience of the iconic beer.  

Eichhof’s annual survey of Swiss consumers, conducted seven months post redesign, showed an 8% uplift in brand meaningfulness and 24% growth in differentiation. The brand’s volume decline was reversed to +4.7%, significantly outperforming the Swiss beer market which had a -2.9% decline.  

Eichhof also surpassed its volume sales objective by 10%, and in a highly competitive and crowded beer market, grew market share by 1.2%.