Winners 2023/ Gold

Project: Guinness NitroSurge

Client: Diageo

Design: Dolmen Design & Innovation

Guinness NitroSurge has been a game-changer in bringing the magic of the famous stout to more spaces, places and people and over five times more devices have been sold than target.  

After Covid shut down the hospitality sector in 2020, Diageo set out to design an innovation which would enable pub-drinkers to emulate the great quality of a Guinness Draught pint at home.  

Partnering with product design specialists Dolmen Design & Innovation, a ground-breaking dispense system was created, leveraging low-energy ultrasonic technology to replicate the iconic two-part pub pour. The compact, reusable, pouring device effortlessly mounts and seals to the top of a 100% recyclable Guinness NitroSurge can, enabling consumers to consistently achieve beautiful pints at home. 

Although the pandemic acted as a catalyst for the invention, Guinness NitroSurge launched across Ireland in September 2021, after pubs had reopened. Intuitive to use, elegant and effective, the innovation changed consumer perceptions around the at-home experience and in just nine months, exceeded its Year Five global sales targets.  

The premium product offering enabled a higher price point, while the simplified canning process reduced costs. An 8.5% uplift in beer profitability compared to the existing canned Guinness has been achieved and project investment costs were paid back within six months. Smashing a 12-month target to sell 72,000 Guinness NitroSurge devices, 400,000 units were actually sold, adding £9.62million in sales. The success has seen Diageo increase funding five-fold for design-led dispense innovation.