Winners 2013/Brand Identity Silver

Project: Oliveira Da Serra

Client: Sovena

Design: Pearlfisher

Underdog olive oil brand Oliveria da Serra needed to engage and inspire consumers through a fresh new perspective, relevant to contemporary Portugal. The main objectives were to totally refresh the brand and in doing so challenge the market leader and transform it from a “me-too” copycat product into one with a distinct character and clear purpose.

Pearlfisher used graphic images to closely link the brand to natural elements of leaves and fertile trees, while rich colour palettes ensured olives were at the heart of the design. Designs were kept strikingly simple to ensure the brand remained fresh, energetic and full of character.

When it was relaunched, Oliveira set out to achieve 85% relative market share within three years. By the end of the first year, the new design proved successful – it gained a 103% market share, up from 79% prior to launch and exceeding the initial three-year target by 18%.