Winners 2013/Brand Identity Silver

Project: Waitrose LOVE life

Client: Waitrose

Design: Pearlfisher

Waitrose wanted to put taste, variety and pleasure back into healthy eating. The idea was to develop a fresh approach from the idea that healthy eating is shaped by self-control and restriction. Pearlfisher was tasked with creating a health and wellbeing brand that followed a simple philosophy of celebrating wholesome and delicious food, to stand proud in a saturated market.

Pearlfisher created a proposition that emerged with vibrancy, vision and choice, changing health and wellbeing from a negative to a positive. The design focused on celebrating the shapes, colours, boldness and beauty of food – making real, natural food the hero. 

In one month, for every five Waitrose customers, at least one person bought a LOVE Life product. The range achieved £60m in sales in the 52 weeks from launch, and on the back of this sales performance, Waitrose recouped their design investment in less than two days.