Winners 2013/External Communications Silver

Project: Discover

Client: Vauxhall Fleet

Design: Graymatter Limited

Graymatter was appointed by Vauxhall in October 2010 for the simple yet daunting task of re-focusing and re-energising the fleet brand, to return it to the number one spot in the market place.

The ‘Discover’ campaign provided Vauxhall Fleet with a strong and vibrant framework to communicate clear propositions using an iconographic language that delivered both immediacy and distinction from the competition. Graymatter created a strong graphic device to convey Vauxhall’s powerful sales messages that they had previously struggled to communicate.

Within 14 months, Vauxhall Fleet were represented in 47% of fleets, an upward shift of 9%, and had increased sales by 8%, overtaking Ford and elevating them to number one in the market place. Independent research confirmed them as the ‘No.1 Manufacturer for Marketing Contact’ and the Fleet website attained the accolade of being named number one by Business Car Magazine, up from its previous position of number seven.