Winners 2013/External Communications Bronze

Project: Thames Water drought campaign

Client: Thames Water

Design: Beyond Communications

Thames Water needed ‘a fresh and clear campaign, nothing fancy or clever’ to encourage people to use less water following the driest two years on record in the South East. Beyond Communications was asked to create an informative campaign, raising awareness of the circumstances leading to the water shortage and managing people’s expectations.

The campaign was designed to be flexible, to react to changes in public perception and to cover the Olympic period. Beyond used outdoor media, London and local press, digital escalator panels, radio, online and exhibitions to get across the simple message ‘We Are In Drought’.

Research in June showed that 72% of Thames Water customers agree or strongly agree with the statement: “I have a good understanding of why there is still a serious water shortage”, even after the wettest April on record. 96% of customers were aware that a drought had been declared and 93% were aware that temporary use restrictions were in place.