Winners 2013/External Communications Silver

Project: Enter the Dragon

Client: Royal London

Design: Tayburn

Scottish Provident is a long-established name in the world of protection insurance but in recent years it lost some of its shine and was starting to slip off the radar for its core audience, UK Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). Tayburn was appointed to create a campaign that generated interest in the sector and re-established the company as a dynamic player.

Tayburn devised The Next Level campaign, using a powerful yet simple visual icon in the form of a lift flooded with neon blue light that symbolised the upward effect on the IFAs’ business. Tayburn then added star of Dragon’s Den Duncan Bannatyne to the image to ensure the campaign included a compelling personality. The new imagery was used across channels including press and high profile events.

Over 1,500 previously non-Scottish Provident supporting IFAs, around 6% of the market, signed up to business with Scottish Provident, potentially generating over £4m in premium income.