Winners 2013/Packaging Silver

Project: Andrex Toilet Tissue

Client: Kimberly-Clark

Design: Elmwood

The Andrex puppy is Britain’s favourite brand icon – but after six years of volume decline, many consumers viewed the brand as ‘not relevant’. Kimberly-Clark needed to re-engage with customers emotionally and justify their price premium, as well as maintain the presence of Andrex on supermarket shelves.

A new packaging design was required, and the brand chose Elmwood to oversee the product’s restyling. By using positive emotional triggers and a focus on physical structure, the new design creates strong and instant reactions. The Andrex puppy gazes charmingly out from each pack, directly engaging with the consumer during the split-second purchase decision.

Brand bonding has increased by 32% since the repackage, and Andrex has enjoyed a 15% higher market share year-on-year. Recent market research by Brainjuicer shows that Andrex scores highly with consumers for attributes including ‘most popular’ and ‘is worth the price’.