Winners 2013/Packaging Gold

Project: Angostura 1824

Client: Angostura Ltd

Design: Good

Angostura is one of the world’s leading rum producers and famed for its bitters. Under considerable threat from the competition, their brand looked tired and failed to reflect their premium pricing. Their flagship 1824 product needed to become more compelling and relevant to the target audience.

Good brought the brand’s product range together with cohesive and more refined packaging, using new and original artwork to create differentiation. Reflecting the rich history of their 1824 rum, the premium look of the bottle and accompanying box signify quality: a visual cue amongst other brands at the point of sale.

The commercial impact was instant and staggering; Angostura outperformed the market by 54% in value sales and 38.5% in volume without altering the actual liquid product in any way. The brand’s original investment in their new image and positioning was returned in full within eight months of launch.