Winners 2013/Packaging Bronze

Project: Vina Laguna Re-branding

Client: Agrokor Vina

Design: Lewis Moberly

Croatian volume wine brand Vina Laguna found themselves unable to compete with premium Istrian wines at home, and they also wanted to prepare themselves to compete in the export market. Lewis Moberly (LM) was asked to create a brand identity and packaging for relaunch, to include an overall brand name and three tiers of quality.

LM ensured that each bottle on the three tiers featured an interpretation of the icon that embodied the ‘Spirit of Istria’ – inspired by the blithe spirits who built the ancient amphitheatre of Pula. The theme and the brand’s icon were implemented across all marketing, advertising and packaging, with slightly different versions for each tier.

The relaunch triggered a 26% growth in sales per litre year-on-year and the hero wine, Malvasia Select 75cl, clearly led the way with a 53% volume growth in just five months despite a 33% increase in list price.