Winners 2013/Packaging Bronze

Project: Felix Pascoa Special Easter Edition 2012

Client: Brigaderia

Design: Casa Rex

At Easter – a season typified by run-of-the-mill imagery – Brazilian confectionery store Brigaderia wanted to move away from clichés and emphasise nostalgia. They needed a new packaging design for their range of ‘brigadeiro’ sweets that represented something different and unique.

They hired Casa Rex for the project after seeking a partner design consultancy that could help them create new and interesting concepts. The team responded with a fresh and nostalgic campaign, which used vintage advertising imagery to move away from the usual Easter designs and innovate within the confectionery market.

During the Easter season, Brigaderia’s sales increased by 70% in comparison to previous months, to almost three times the market share of their competitors. The company also reported significant improvements in both market value and staff morale as a result, and has been able to reduce manufacturing costs by 18%.