Winners 2013/Packaging Gold

Project: Naked Noodle

Client: Symington's

Design: Path

Symington’s wanted to launch an authentic Ramen noodle brand that epitomises the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and to fill a gap in the market by tapping into the growing demand for Asian fast food. They also wanted to maximise the pull of ‘packed’ work lunches and the opportunity afforded by a commodity category which alienates many consumers.

Path created the brand ‘Naked Noodles’, a concept that represented authenticity and quality. The red top face contrasts with the black front to ensure the products stood out on the shelf against Batchelors and Campbell’s in the dry soup category, and Pot Noodle and Nation’s Noodle in the noodle snack category.

Following the launch, Naked Noodles was picked up by and listed in four major retailers, with an increase of 1,134% in distribution. Sales exceeded the projected figure by 300%, with 4,833 units sold by week two, and sales now averaging 12,140 units per week.