Winners 2013/Packaging Silver

Project: HiPP Organic Branding and Packaging Redesign

Client: Hipp UK Ltd.

Design: Design Activity Ltd

HiPP UK’s proposition as the original ‘organic’ food brand was unique, but new competitor offerings and style formats were eroding their premium status. As the number two UK brand in wet baby food, the company wanted to re-establish their credentials and 50 years of food heritage.

With this aim in mind, HiPP briefed Design Activity to oversee the branding and redesign of their baby wet food range, after success with their organic milk offering. The solution brought simplicity and clarity to the shelves, refreshing the brand marque and using appetising food photography with a market stall label device.

To the year ending April 2012, HiPP’s total wet food value sales have increased by 10% - a gain in revenue of £3.4 million. The company’s brand share for tray meals and jars by volume is now number one, with overall sales increasing against a market decline of -5%.