Winners 2013/Packaging Silver

Project: Tetley's Re-brand

Client: Carlsberg

Design: WPA Pinfold

Tetley’s is amongst the top ten highest-selling beer brands in the UK and enjoys plenty of providence – but its market share was in decline. The challenge was to reposition the brand and increase sales, creating fresh engagement with the predominantly male target audience.

The image of the Tetley’s Huntsman had been aligned with the brand for over 75 years, until it was replaced in 2000. WPA Pinfold re-introduced the icon as part of their modernisation of Tetley’s, creating key product differentiation at the point of purchase in pubs, bars and supermarkets.

As a result of the refresh, declining sales have been sharply arrested, and the brand is currently outperforming the market by 9.2%. An increased positive consumer perception of Tetley’s has led to an additional 3.8million pints sold since the introduction of the new branding, and the rise of Tetley’s Original to the number one off-trade draught ale.