Winners 2013/Point Of Sale Silver

Project: KFC- New Menu Boards

Client: Yum Brands

Design: Design Bridge

KFC menus contain a large range of products, and needed to make the range easier and more tempting to choose from. The brand wanted to communicate a commitment to quality and increase appeal to women. They also needed to be flexible and future-proof for new promotions and products.

Design Bridge completed a comprehensive audit, including competitor analysis, reviewing previous menu research, staff interviews and market research. They added more emphasis on menu headers to aid navigation, and they also added more images in lighter, more ‘foodie’ colours and real settings to improve the perception of quality. For the female audience, Design Bridge created a ‘Deli Deluxe’ menu highlighting lighter bites.

Design Bridge created a vibrant menu design which enhanced the customer experience and lead to sales increases of over 40%, equating to a 4% annual profit increase for KFC UK.