Winners 2013/Point Of Sale Silver

Project: National Trust Membership POS

Client: National Trust

Design: 999 Design

In 2010 the National Trust approached 999 to refresh and rationalise their face-to-face membership POS materials. Business objectives were simple: to increase the number of members and revenue for the organisation. 999 reviewed the route to purchase, sampling visitor journeys, including how they arrived at National Trust attractions and what touch points they encountered.

999 delivered a solution that rationalised the confusing membership offer and gave POS materials a bold and distinctive identity to stand out in busy environments. The value-for-money issue was also addressed by highlighting the range of local Trust locations and property types in any given spot. Finally, staff engagement in the sales process was prioritised, with the provision of new visual tools to aid conversion and drive sales.

Overall membership grew 4.3% compared with 1% growth in 2009, while face-to-face sales increased 17.2% between 2010-2012, compared to a decline of 7.4% between 2006 and 2009. Overall sales also increased by £2.3 million.