Winners 2013/Point Of Sale Bronze

Project: Valspar Europe

Client: Valspar

Design: Webb deVlam

Valspar wanted to connect with UK consumers and convert them from buying pre-tinted paint to tinting in-store. To help introduce Valspar to the UK, Webb deVlam was challenged to create a new market for the brand and encourage new consumer habits.

They designed meaningful branding and helped create a new shopping experience for B&Q’s Colour Centre. The ‘See Yourself in Colour’ campaign and concept was then extended to point of sale, retail and digital space. The aim was to create an example of how design can help expose a new brand to unchartered territory and help deliver business success along the way.

Launched in 11 UK B&Q stores, the brand’s success has justified its expansion to all B&Q stores in 2013. It saw a 16% conversion of consumer habits of shopping for pre-tinted paint to tinting in-store and has resulted in a 112% growth in tinted paint sales.