Winners 2014/Brand Identity over £100,000 Bronze

Project: The Stroke Association

Client: The Stroke Association

Design: The Team

The Stroke Association is the largest UK organisation working to combat stroke. There are close to 152,000 strokes a year in the UK - more than one every 5 minutes, and 1 in 5 is fatal. With demand for services increasing, the Association felt it needed to be seen as a more major charity dealing with a major health issue.

A brand refresh by The Team created a more engaging and relevant tone of voice, with a spirited yet caring personality that stood out and reached out to donors. ‘Action’, a personalised typeface, was designed exclusively for the Association to make their communications instantly recognisable.

The relaunch took place during the organisation’s newly-created ‘Action on Stroke’ month (May 2012), and The Stroke Association has since seen a 200% increase in regular givers. The total increase in appeal income has been more than half, with online donations alone growing by 60%.